Advantages of Facebook Marketing for Business – Which is Better Pages or Groups?


facebookThe world is moving fast and so is the trend in the field of internet marketing. With the advancement of technology, online marketing has become an important tool in the success of various businesses around the world. In particular, Facebook can be used as a strong marketing tool and has huge potential for advertising and selling your products or services online. While there are several ways to market your business on Facebook for now I’ll just focus on two: Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages. Let’s see how you can take advantage of these two marketing strategies on Facebook.

Facebook Groups

A group can be created by anyone and is a place where you can share knowledge about your brand and where people can explore more about your business, products or services. You can add as much information as possible in the group and make it public to your targeted customers.

However, there are a few disadvantages of groups. For instance, you can’t send private messages to all members of a group so the best way to reach everyone at once and start a discussion is to make a post in the group. Also, when a group reaches a certain size, some features are limited. Another disadvantage is that groups are easy for spammers to attack and you may end up spending most of your time dealing with this.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages, on the otherhand, are designed specifically with business in mind so that you can connect with existing and new customers. The other benefit is that you can customize your page the way it suits your business. Also, unlike groups, you can also send messages to as many fans that “like” your page.

Another major advantage of using Facebook pages as a marketing tool is that they are included in the search engine results. This will increase the amount of traffic to your Facebook page as you attract potential customers who are looking for similar services or products through the search engines. URL customization is also possible with a Facebook page. This allows people to remember your URL easily so that they can easily find you when they return. It also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as you can add relevant keywords to your URL address.

You can also create events and keep track of visitors to your page. Ads can also be displayed on your page for targeting customers. While groups are great for quickly attracting potential customers, the advantages of pages are superior to groups in creating brand awareness.

Which is Better – Facebook Pages or Groups?

Facebook marketing opportunities have great potential to quickly push your business towards success and pages and groups can be used to increase your sales and create maximum awareness about your brand, product & services. Although both of these Facebook marketing methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages there is no clear choice when it comes to deciding which is better. Only you can decide and make the most out of these tools by carefully planning and representing your business. Consider the benefits of Facebook pages and get started today.

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